V50 12,800 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

V50 12,800 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

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The V50,12,800mAH Lithium Polymer battery. includes the 'always on' feature to ensure your timelapse camera stays on during the project.

Voltaic batteries have a unique feature  which is essential to all timelapse projects.  The 'always on' feature means just that- it doesn't turn off during operation.  Every off the shelf battery we have tested will turn themselves off during period of low power consumption.    If you are setting the timer function of the cameras, then this will occur overnight between recordings.    The voltaic battery also allow the battery to be charged whilst simultaneously powering the camera.  This feature may not sound too sexy, but it means that you can run mains into the battery via a USB cable and the battery will run the camera during any power outages.    You can even use solar panels to charge the battery if mains isn't available.

    • Optimized for Solar Charging
      Dual USB Ports
      Standard Always On feature for IoT and Time-Lapse Projects

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