Time Lapse Calculator

One of the most common question posed by anybody wanting to use a timelapse camera for the first time is 'how long will it last for on a single set of batteries'.  There are however, two questions you should ask and the second one is 'how many images can I get on the SD card'

The timelapse calculator will help with the second question.  Please bear in mind that the calculation is based on an average image size for each type of camera and is intended as a guide only.   Image size can vary significantly if there are many areas within the image which are changing a lot from frame to frame.

The image size of each camera will vary dependent upon either sensor type and size and picture content.  This calculator is for guidance only and the following camera image sizes are for indicative purposes only.

  • Brinno TLC200 = 70kb
  • Brinno TLC200 Pro =  200kb
  • Brinno TLC2000 =  350kb

Enter your shoot settings into the calculator below:

Time Lapse Calculator