Brinno MAC200DN 720p Outdoor Camera

Brinno MAC200DN 720p Outdoor Camera

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Brinno MAC200DN

Featuring on-site storage and battery-powered operation, the MAC200DN 720p Outdoor Wireless Cube Camera from Brinno is a fully portable surveillance solution. The camera features 1280 x 720 resolution for high-quality video, and it uses a 28mm (35mm equivalent) lens for a 75° wide field of view. Equipped with three recording modes, the camera can record based on PIR motion detection, at a fixed capture rate for time lapse videos, or in a hybrid mode which will record time lapse video until motion is detected and then switch to motion detection mode. There is a night mode which will automatically switch on at sunset and switch off at sunrise for optimizing ambient light in low-light situations, however, the camera is designed to be paired with the company's APL200 IR illuminator for full night capability. A built-in microSD slot supports up to 32GB of edge recording, eliminating the need to connect the camera to a separate recorder. This wireless camera requires two D cell batteries for power, and it can run on this power supply for up to 14 months in time lapse mode. For further flexibility, the camera is IPX4-rated waterproof, enabling you to install the camera outdoors.

Dual Protection - Capture any movement in motion zone and time lapse zone. Auto converts photos into a fast playback time lapse video.

  • Fast Playback Time Lapse Video - Automatically converts thousands of images into several time lapse videos for easy playback of motion videos.
  • 3 Capture Modes -
    • Motion Mode: Camera captures movement close to the device for detecting direct threats.
    • Time Lapse Mode: Images are captured by a fixed capture rate using fixed interval image capture in the detection area (328').
    • Hybrid Mode: If you are in time lapse mode and a person enters motion detection range, hybrid mode allows the camera to switch to motion detection mode to capture more images.
  • Night Vision - Automatic night recording feature will automatically switch to night recording mode at sunset and turn night vision mode off at sunrise. Pair the camera with the company's APL200 IR illuminator (available separately) for full night vision capability.
  • Battery Powered - Two D cell batteries provide up to 14 months of battery life in time lapse mode.
  • Portable - Does not require power cord, Ethernet wire, or DVR system for complete portability and easy installation.
  • Outdoor Use - Equipped with an IPX4 waterproof rating, the camera can be used outdoors and in inclement weather.
  • Applications - Can be used for home and backyard security, parking lot security, surveillance of a temporary event, and time lapse photography.

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